Making your life a bit easier with PayFast secure payments accepted.


Did you know that we accept credit card payments via PayFast. The payments are processed in real time thus meaning we don’t store any of your credit card details. The transactions are encrypted via SSL and 3D Secure for credit card transactions.
We accept the following cards: Visa and Mastercard
Visa and MasterCard credit or cheque cards (from both local and international buyers) can be used on PayFast.
As long as the card has a card number, expiry date and cvv number on the back it can be used to make a card payment regardless of whether the card is branded as a credit or debit card.
More cards will be accepted in the near future.

To make a payment via PayFast simply log into your Client/Billing area and go to Invoices, click on the Invoice and then under Payment Method select PayFast, then at the top right-hand corner you can either choose Pay Now for a once-off payment or even Subscribe so that you don’t have to make manual payments each month.