Enable TLS 1.1 and 1.2 on Windows 7

Windows 7 supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. However these protocol versions are not enabled on Windows 7 by default. On Windows 8 and higher these protocols are enabled by default. To enable TLS 1.1. and TLS 1.2 on Windows 7 please download the below file and double click (import) the Enable TLS 1.x on Windows 7.reg file. If you are not familiar with this rather ask an IT Tech to do this for you.

This update is mostly for users who cant enable SSL/TLS in Outlook or other email programs in Windows 7.

Domain Fee Increases

Dear Client

Due to the increase in electronic licensing etc, we must unfortunately raise the cost of a few domain fees. Only the below local domains are affect since most international domains are changed more frequently due to currency fluctuations.

We have avoided raising our prices on some domains for many years, but we can no longer prolong the inevitable due to new licensing standards and hardware fees due to Rand/Dollar fluctuations. We have enclosed our new price list for your review which goes into effect on your next domain renewal date or registration. Any custom pricing will be adjusted accordingly.


New RegistrationTransferRenewal
co.zaR 130FreeR 130
org.zaR 130FreeR 130
web.zaR 130FreeR 130
net.zaR 130FreeR 130


Feel free to contact us on if you have any questions.
We wish to thank you for your valued support and know that you will understand the necessity for this price increase.

Definite Web Hosting

Advantages and Benefits of using a Dedicated IP Address with your hosting package and domain.

Using a dedicated IP address provides you with certain crucial advantages.


1. Access your website at any time

When you want to check how the website is going to look, you can simply do so through your IP address. There’s no need to spend time with changing the DNS settings for the domain name.


2. Third-party applications and scripts

Some applications and scripts require a dedicated IP address.


3. Business identity

In case you plan on hosting an online store or some other kind of e-commerce, and you’re going to handle payments directly, without third-party services, you will need a dedicated IP address and a SSL certificate for security reasons. A dedicated address will make your customers feel a lot safer.


4. It protects your reputation as an e-mail sender

A user that shares an IP address with you may get blacklisted or even banned for spamming, and that can endanger your e-mail service too. If you use a dedicated IP, your service is completely safe from such risk.


5. SNI technology and older browsers compatibility

We now support an installation of multiple SSL certificates on a shared IP address, but multiple SLL certificates on a shared address can cause issues with older versions of some browsers. Using a dedicated IP helps avoid such problems.

Black Friday Domain Sale – 51% Discount

Black Friday Domain


51% Discount on New Domain Name Registrations.

For today only till midnight you can register the below domains with us for only R59 for the first year.

Visit our website to place an order:
Use this promotion code during the checkout process to receive your discount: blackfridaydomain
For assistance or support please open a support ticket:

NO Limits Per Client
NO Hosting Package Required
Available for Everyone, new and current clients
Bank Transfer / EFT Payments ONLY

Accessing Your Client/Billing Area

To log into your Client/Billing Area, simply go to this page:
Or simply click on the “My Account” link in the top menu on our website.
Then log in with your billing email you used when signing up with us and the password you used. If you have forgotten your password click on the Request a Password Reset link just below the Login button and type in your email address. An email will be sent to you, please follow the instructions in the email to change your password.
Once logged into your Client/Billing Area your can manage your whole account from Invoices to your Domains and Web Hosting services. You can also reset your cPanel password from here if needed, and view your bandwidth and diskspace usage for your web hosting account, plus many more managing options.

WordPress Hosting Security

With all the recent attacks on WordPress hosting websites all over the world we have decided to inform you about some quick and easy security measures you can use for your WordPress website.

If you operate a WordPress for you or your clients and its hosted with us we highly recommend you install the below security plugins. As you know the installation of WordPress plugins are quick and require little to none configuration. Should you rather have us install them for you please send a mail to with your WordPress login details and we will assist.

Unfortunately if your website is not protected and the server experience attacks aimed at your website which cause high server load some web hosting accounts might get suspended until it is resolved to prevent any damage to the website and also server. Thus we highly recommend installing the plugins to prevent any website or email downtime.


The WordPress plugins are:

Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

Captcha Booster: Best Captcha Plugin

Disable XML-RPC Pingback

Hide My WP Ghost – Security Plugin

Botnet Attack Blocker

Salt Shaker

Strong Passwords for your Hosting Account

We often get asked what exactly strong passwords are. This might not seem very important to you but it is actually one of the most important things when it comes to security for your website and email hosting. Hackers and Spammers uses bots that crawl the internet to find vulnerable website and email accounts that have weak passwords, they then begin to attack the account by using common passwords and if your passwords are not strong you might soon have a defaced website or a hacked email account sending out nasty spam mails. This could be very damaging for your company reputation. Its better to rather have an impossible to guess and strong password that you cant remember than to have a simple weak password.

For a strong password we recommend using 18 characters or more and other Numbers, Symbols, Uppercase and Lowercase like below.

Symbols:( e.g. !#$% )
Numbers:( e.g. 123456 )
Lowercase Characters:( e.g. abcdefgh )
Uppercase Characters:( e.g. ABCDEFGH )

To quickly generate a strong password you can visit this website: